8 PAX gathered in the New Year’s Eve gloom for a new kind of beatdown.  YHC had been reminiscing lately on the fun that could be had with running Stadium Steps.  Alas, we do not have a stadium at Martin Middle School – but we do have a set of steps, ascending to the parking lot.  So, we improvised


800 m Warm-up with butt-kickers, high-knees, and one stride acceleration.
14 x Good Mornings, 14 x Imperial Walkers

3 sets of (5 minutes of stair climbing followed by 3 x 400 m laps [recover, R-Pace, recover] )
* 1st set – hit every step – count total ascents in 5 min
* 2nd set – every other step, and go one ascent further than previous set
* 3rd set – PAX choice, and another ascent further than previous set.  Only time for one 400m recovery lap

* Prayers continue for Dufresne – find strength and hope.
* Prayers for King David and M. King David – good to see him out and about after one week.  Hope he can get the feeding schedule right for #BallBearings tomorrow
* Strong work by the PAX – Yo-Yo leading the way, but strong work by all.
* Rotating Q for the next 6 weeks – looking forward to the variety.  Next Mile Test is scheduled for 2/4/2014 – find how far you have progressed…