YHC was hoping to be the only one out for Zero Hour so that he might just turn around and head back to the f/s, no such luck.  Within a few minutes one had pulled up, then it was on.  With a total of 7 YHC began to wonder what the pax should do in the 19 degree gloom, the only definite was to run.

The Thang:

Jog around the courts to the back lot for warm-ups: Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Side Shuffle Hop x 15.

Back to the streets, YHC still wondering what the work for the day would be, when out of the dark emerges one more pax to make the total 8, run the outer loop back around to the base of the hill while YHC tries to figure it out, stopping for Mericans x 15.  Still no idea so make another loop, this time stopping at the bottom for Mericans x 15 & Prisoner Squats x 15.  Still nothing so YHC led the pax around yet again, this time stopping at the base of the hill for Mericans x 15, P/S x 15, and Dan Jansen’s x 15 (interject somewhat awkward awareness of Au Pair and YHC synchronized during last work), still thinking of what to finish the morning out with, YHC decided another loop couldn’t hurt while he thought.  Back to the base of the hill, this time for Mericans, P/S, Dan Jensen’s (Au Pair & YHC now deliberately in sync), and LBC’s all x 15.  YHC having crested the majority of our time at some point while running the outer loop and considering what the work would be for the morning, now just needed to determine what to finish the morning out with.  With nothing in mind why not run another loop while considering the options.  Back to the base of the hill the call was Mericans x 15, P/S x 15, Dan Jansen’s x 15 ( in sync for YHC & Au Pair again, but now intentionally closer), LBC’s x 15, & Freddy Mercury’s x 15.  YHC figured one more loop would get the pax toward a finishing point, so off we went.  Back around at the base for Mericans x 15, P/S x 15, (the maiden voyage of) Dirty Jansen’s x 15 (add the full arm swing in sync between YHC & Au Pair), LBC’s x 15, Freddy Mercury’s x 15, and 15 Burpee’s OYO. That made a total of 6 times around the outer loop and one new exercise.

Head back up the hill to the Jaycee back lot to finish things off; 15 Burpee’s OYO, Freddy Mercury’s x15, LBC’s x 15, Dirty Jansen’s x 15, P/S x 15, Mericans x 15, DONE!

The Skin:

Great work by all, constant movement on an 18 degree day made the air not so unpleasant.  Good to get in an early week post as it will be sub 15 degree temperatures for Thursday and Friday of this week, doubtful you’ll see YHC.  Try the Dirty Jansen’s in the gloom, the arms throw quite the twist on the work.  YHC in a bout of insomnia the night before continued reading a leadership book “Robert E. Lee On Leadership, Executive Lessons In Character, Courage, And Vision” and reminded the pax about how Gettysburg went after Lee lost Jackson.  As leaders we need to encourage other men to step up to the plate, to be willing to enter the battle with the courage to do what is necessary.  As leaders begin to look to who you can encourage to join in the re-invigoration of male leadership in our community.  Slash took us out in style.  As always thanks for letting me lead, quite a privilege to do so.

CW out.