11 men gathered in the cold gloom of True Grit awaiting whatever the morning would bring. There was no chatter the night before. Only an image and a hard commit. The image was of a warning sign. A symbol of a man falling over the edge of a cliff. It needs no words. It communicates across languages. It says “at any moment, you could fall over the edge.” This would be our guide for the day.

Warm Up
SSH x20, Fast Run around the lot, Plank Hold
Mt. Climbers x20, Fast Run around the lot, Squat Hold
Merkins x20, Fast Run around the lot

Journey to the Edge
Partner Up, Grab a Sandbag
P1 walks w/ bag, P2 does 5 Burpees, Chase, Flap,
Repeat until we reach the top of the Dam Hill

Into the Abyss
P1 AMRAPs an exercise, P2 goes over the edge and back up, Flap x6
Exercises were: Curls, Presses, Squats, Curls again, Rows and Triceps

Further Into the Darkness
Continue Partner Bag and Burpee Chase to the Pull-Up Bars
P1 AMRAP Curls, P2 does 5 Pull-Ups and 10 Dips, Flap x 3
LBCs x20

Back to the Precipice, and the Light
Partner Bag Brupee Chase back to the Dam Hill
P1 AMRAPs an exercise, P2 goes back over the edge and back up, Flap x3
Exercises were: Cleans, Presses and Curls again

Returning Home
Partner Bag Brupee Chase back to the Start
Circle up for 6in Leg Hold, w/ Merkins x10 around the circle

I often feel that I’m standing on the edge. With too much work that is due asap, too many unfinished projects at home, too many commitments. Sometimes it is simply overwhelming. I feel like that man on the sign. And I fear I will find myself tumbling over the edge at any moment. But then someone says “you got this.” Or “great work, keep it up.” Or, they don’t say anything, but they give you a look, a nod and reflect a light from inside that says, “you are not alone, I’m with you, and together we will not fail.” Such a little thing. For me, it’s in those moments, when I see the light of God shining from those around me, that I find the strength to push through any challenge. So I encourage you to be that light for someone, for everyone, you touch today.

Prayers for Headgear’s Wife, for ManRam’s Father, and for the family of Pepe’s client who passed away too soon.

Sign up and join your brothers for the Krispy Kreme Challenge this Saturday, for the Mule on March 4th, and for the GoRuck Challenge on April 21st.

Rice Krispy took us out with a snap. Then set off for a solo ruck around the lake. T-Claps brother.

Thanks for the push,