Previously considered an AO for the injured, Bear Trap (along with sister AO’s Injured Reserve and Lame Duck) has become the ideal work out spot for the mighty. It is the place for those who are strong of heart who no longer feel the need to recover on the run, or spread the gospel of BRR. Ideal for breaking FNGs into the privileges of F3, non-running workouts remain centralized, and open each to respectful, yet torutous, heckling. They are “reserve” workouts like fine bottles of wine or rare whiskeys.

This morning, 11 Greek Gods (but neither Greek, nor gods, only one judge) united on the padded fau botanical field (astroturf) of North Hills mall and did this:


Imperial Walker x20

GM x15

Fazio Arm Circles Fwd x9

Fazio Arm Circles Rev x10

Awkward Quad-stretch

Butterfly stretch

WWII x20

Low slow flutter x20

SSH x20

Standard Merkin x20

The Thang

Down to the bowels of North Hills, watch that greasy spot.

Durkins x10, bear crawl across lot, Durkins x10, lunge walk back (repeat x3).

Elevated plank, left hand out, regular, right hand out.

The following set in cadence… 20x, 15x, 10x, 5x, 10x, 15x: quick feet, baby urkins, prayer squat.

Tree huggers – pax count to 5, down the line (repeat x3).

Back up for Mary

Inch-worm burpees x5 OYO

WWII x20

Low slow flutter x20

Box cutter x10, reverse x10

Dolly x20

Inch-worm burpees x5 OYO

American Hammer x20

Scissor kick x20

Have a nice week x10


Krispy Kreme Run is Saturday, preworkout at Pullen at 6:45 (Ambassador is moving over there for the week)

Mule of March 4th

Prayers & Praises:

Screech’s recovery and pending surgery, and future recovery

Science & Math’s new nephew (10lbs)