24 PAX hit the pavement at Urban Jungle to sweat out the remainder of any green beer consumed the night before in honor of St Patrick’s Day.  Any PAX expecting a four-leaf clover in the form of an easy workout were in for disappointment.  With Q-coach Maize in attendance Life Alert had to raise his game to ensure not only a Maize-worthy work out but also proper, crisp and F3-approved instructions and counts.  Cadence grade yet to be received, but all PAX stayed together and displayed maximum effort and solidarity in making their way across the concrete expanse of North Hills and back in the gloom.  It is rumored that the PAX may have even spotted a pack of raccoons at the bottom end of the NH ampitheatre but then again that could just be urban legend.  My pleasure and honor to lead this morning, no better way to celebrate my birthday than with my brothers in F3.  L/A

The Thang

Warm-up with 47-count side-shuffle hops

Run to top parking deck and descend 3 sets of stairs via bear-crawl

5 pull-ups/5 chin-ups on bottom level, in cadence

15 derkins using incline

Ascend to top of parking deck in 3 levels:karaoke/10 merkins, backwards jog/10 merkins, sprint to top/10 merkins

Recover on the run across the street to CapTrust Tower

Sprint up all flights of stairs to roof, 10 burpees OYO, descend stairs

Plank it out, then recover on the jog to bottom of the amphitheatre

15 dips/15 incline merkins

“The Racoon” via bear crawl on the half-circle ledge of the ampitheatre

Partner-up: Wheel-barrow to top of ampitheatre grassy area, 10 derkins with feet on back of parter, then partner-carry back to bottom of hill, 10 derkins with feet on back of partner

Repeat but flap-jack positions

Jog to rock-pile behind hotel: 15x curls; pass rock to the left; 15x shoulder press, pass rock to the left; 15x tricep extensions.

Set of 11’s – 10 diamond merkins on rock, 1 shoulder press with rock all the way down to 1 merkin/10 shoulder presses

Recover on the run back to the Belk’s parking lot

Mary:  47-count LBCs


THANKS to all PAX that came out, my pleasure and honor to lead today.  L/A