YHC has been excited to see more men stepping up and leading throughout the JOCO workouts! YHC wanted to find some new toys for the Mad Mule workout. With a split rail plans for the farm YHC wanted to wait on the project until I could share some toys with the PAX. Bio-D and Bloodsport came down to Benson for some fun!

Warm up: SSH, Squats, Windmills, Straight leg kicks, butt kickers, high knees, carica.  In Cadence x20 or 1 lap each

The Thang: AMRAP  1 split rail per man  (5 min each)

Diagonal Press – Carry to opposite side of parking lot – Straight leg deadlift

Overhead Press – Carry to opposite side of parking lot – Squats

Upright Row – Carry to opposite side – Lunges

Scout Run 1 lap around the park

Group Split Rail work – 1 rail together : WWI,American Hammer, Heels to Heaven 2 rounds in cadence 15x

Cindy – 5 pulls up, 10 merkins, 15 squats 5 rounds OYO

Plank -a- rama, Mountain climbers in cadence x20, recover

Great work by each of the guys today! Remember that Carpex will be Q of Dec. 1st workout! Everybody show up and let them know how JOCO does it!

BOM/COT: Ben, Prayers for Bloodsport on upcoming move, Prayers for family, marriages, and continued leadership in the community.