Split Rail Mad Mule

YHC has been excited to see more men stepping up and leading throughout the JOCO workouts! YHC wanted to find some new toys for the Mad Mule workout. With a split rail plans for the farm YHC wanted to wait on the project until I could share some toys with the PAX. Bio-D and Bloodsport came down to Benson for some fun!

Warm up: SSH, Squats, Windmills, Straight leg kicks, butt kickers, high knees, carica.  In Cadence x20 or 1 lap each

The Thang: AMRAP  1 split rail per man  (5 min each)

Diagonal Press – Carry to opposite side of parking lot – Straight leg deadlift

Overhead Press – Carry to opposite side of parking lot – Squats

Upright Row – Carry to opposite side – Lunges

Scout Run 1 lap around the park

Group Split Rail work – 1 rail together : WWI,American Hammer, Heels to Heaven 2 rounds in cadence 15x

Cindy – 5 pulls up, 10 merkins, 15 squats 5 rounds OYO

Plank -a- rama, Mountain climbers in cadence x20, recover

Great work by each of the guys today! Remember that Carpex will be Q of Dec. 1st workout! Everybody show up and let them know how JOCO does it!

BOM/COT: Ben, Prayers for Bloodsport on upcoming move, Prayers for family, marriages, and continued leadership in the community.



QIC: Stretch
Workout Date: 11/17/18
The PAX: Blood Sport, Bio-D, Stretch

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