posted on behalf of Ben Johnson, written by the QIC

A hardy group of PAX arrived under foreboding conditions, with torrential rain continuing until 10 min. before launch. Fortune smiled on us brave souls, however, as the faucet was mostly turned off during our workout, with very pleasant temps and nary a soul at the AO.

The Thang:

Circle up at launch point for warm up of 20x SSH, Fazio arms, good mornings, and mountain climbers

Get right into it with “Bring Sally Up” style pushups, holding low plank hold at bottom, 10 reps per set, with full suicides between cones (courtesy of Moneyhose). Repeat 3x.

Indian run to pond. Sprint around pond, 5 burpees, 10 jump squats, 15 knee ups, and 20 alternating jumping lunges.  Repeat 3x.

Indian run to big grass hill. Bear crawl up said grass hill.

Indian run to dojo. 20x Freddy Mercury, 20x American hammer, 20x WWII.  20 box jumps.  20x LBC, 20x flutters

Out to gravel trail by kite. Run all the way to the bridge at the bottom and then back up to the top.  Upon return, 10x standard merkins, 10 “ups” Jack Webb style, then repeat pattern with chest touch merkins, wide grip, hand shake, and diamond.

Indian run to rock area, select rock. 20x curls, press, upright row, and sumo squat.  Repeato.

Indian run to ampitheater. 20x decline merkins on stage.  Pepe hops up the seats.   10x + (lost track) of inch worms, then crab walk to sculpture area.  10x spider man merkins.

Run to start for one last full suicide. Good work by PAX


Chef Tell spoke of great challenges, including the Murph on Memorial Day and a ruck the length of the American Tobacco Trail.

Prayers for Call Me Maybe’s wife, Chef Tell’s grandma, and Surge’s impending arrival of a son.

Chef Tell took us out.