Lucky 13 PAX rolled up to the locked gates at Apex Community Park after a late-night Q switcheroo.  YHC didn’t have an exact plan in mind, but with all the Memorial Day Murph hype, why not give the PAX a preview of what is to come just one week from today?  Many of the usual Cary/Apex suspects in attendance and no FNGs, so at 0545, we’re off.

Warm-up jog through the gates and around the first parking lot, then circle up for:

  • 20 SSH, IC
  • 15 Windmills, IC
  • 20 MCs, IC
  • 15 Wide-grip Merkins, IC

Counterama – 13 – nice… always an intriguing number but not really conducive to forming partners or evenly numbered groups.  Whatever… Sticking to the plan.

Jog over to playground and partner up for partner up for Murph or mini-Murph or Murph preview… whatever you want to call it.  Partner 1 takes off running around the parking lot loop while partner 2 starts working through the exercises.  Flapjack and repeato until the following is reached for each pair:

  • 100 pull-ups
  • 200 Merkins
  • 300 squats

Jog over to usual parking lot for:

  • Bear crawl to first light post, duck walk to speed bump, run up hill, 10 Merkins, return
  • Crawl bear to first light post, two-footed hop to speed bump, backwards run up hill, 10 burpees, return
  • Bear crawl to first light post, duck walk to speedbump, run up hill, 20 double-count American hammers, plank when done

Jog to front parking lot for a couple minutes of Mary:

  • 25 Freddy Mercury, IC
  • Boat/canoe (of course)


Reminder of Cary/Apex Memorial Week Challenge:

  • Memorial Day at Kelly Road Park. EC at 0615. Murph at 0700
  • 530 Merkins throughput Memorial Day (inclusive of Murph Merkins)
  • Ma Bell Birthday Sleveless Shirt and Doo-Rag Tuesday
  • Cary/Apex 6-pack

Prayers for Shut-In, his wife and her family on the loss of a loved one.  Praise for the return of Chinese Downhill’s pastor from his trip

Thanks to Grease Monkey for taking us out in strong fashion as usual.

Always an honor.