Today was the first day this week with no rain in the forecast, so YHC planned to make it rain (sweat).

Extra Credit

Today was to include a special guest EC Q, but his alarm clock had other plans. Accordingly, YHC designed today’s extra credit on the fly.  Pretty simple…. Log some miles. Several joined me for a quick jaunt around the perimeter of the mall, using some of the parking decks to get in some hill work. YHC was soon thankful for the guest Q’s absence because what was to ensue would be enough.

29 PAX were in attendance for the finale of my attempt to “rip off the band aide” (VQ + 2 Q’s in 6 weeks). No FNGs, so we’re off.

Warm up

  • Jog to the Sears parking lot and circle
  • SSH x 15
  • Good morning x 15
  • Imperial walker x 15
  • Mountain climber x 15
  • Merican x 15

Tha Thang

  • YHC Announced that the theme of today’s pain would be Teamwork
  • Partner up; Size and speed might matter (had not decided yet)
  • A partner chase ensued from the Sears parking lot to the corner of Belk’s with PAX doing 5 burpees each time they are caught. Squat-hold at the end.
  • Mosey over to the parking lot (ground level) below Brio/McCormicks
  • At Wilson’s request and using the same partners, we did some cumulative count work. Partner 1 runs up the stairwell through the breezeway and back; Partner 2 begins to tackle the following sets: 100 Mericans / 200 Squats / 300 Plank-Jacks; Flap jack upon Partner 1’s return until all sets are complete
  • Given the tightness in his legs and knowing the gloom to come, YHC called for a set to Mountain Climbers (x15) to loosen up the calves.
  • Recovering on the run, we mosey over to the infamous parking deck ramp. Keeping with the teamwork theme, YHC calls a “partner’s choice” to either a) partner carry or b) lunge walk to the top of the ramp. Plank it out until PAX was all in.
  • Over to the Men’s Belk, the PAX took a seat in the People’s Chair (3-count down the line) while YHC explained the next one.
  • Again with partners, sprints would ensue; Partner 1 sprints to the end of the parking deck and back; Partner 2 does exercises; Flap-jack upon Partner 1’s return. 4 rounds were completed (2 with BTW, 2 with Sumo Squats)
  • Mosey to the top/back of the parking deck for Mary.


  • Since we didn’t get enough leg work in, we started with 20 prisoner squats followed by..
  • LBC x 20
  • Low, slow flutter x 20
  • Box cutter x 20
  • 6-inch leg hold x 20
  • Have A Nice Day x 1 min

Announcements/Praise/Prayer Requests

YHC spoke of his appreciation for this group and how much it has done for him mentally/physically over the past 6 months. He encouraged everyone to consider leading as we should all push ourselves beyond our comfort zone to become better leaders and better men.

Prenup mentioned that Q’s are needed at Flood Zone. Wilson stepped up for next week, but more are needed.

YHC shared his appreciation for the support received from the PAX after the loss of his brother this summer and requested prayers for his family as they approach his brother birthday (10/8) which is shared with his father’s birthday.

Reflecting upon the recent events in Charlotte, Pantyhose offered words of praise for the work that many (including this group) has done in the Greater Raleigh community to try to bridge divides.  He encourages each of us, as leaders, to look for our call to be a part of the solution. Additionally, he praise Duff and Vector Victor who were recognized with the Fred Barber Service Award at Healing Transitions. Tclaps to both!

Baby Farley led us out with a prayer.