Cletus was rocking this morning with a total PAX of 25 strong ready to celebrate SW 3 YR Anni. The gloom stayed dark on us until the end. That’s when we got to see the shweatyness of the PAX. Those that missed out, here is the results.

Quick smooth jog down to lower field near parking area for an acronym workout. Howard started the southwake movement so thought it was best to have him kick off the workouts first exercise.

S – SSH x25
O – One-legged burpees x10 (5 each leg)
U – Up downs x10 (quick stretches before moving on)
T – Triple nickel 5/5/5; At hill run up, star jumps at top x5, run down hill Burpees x5 at bottom (5 sets)
H – Hydraulic Squat; squat down, then drop right knee to ground, then left, back up with right knee, then left, then back up to standing position x20 (switch knees at 10)
W – Wheelbarrow derkins, partner up, in parking lot wheelbarrow to next white line 5 merkins, next line 4 merkins, 3, 2, 1. Switch partners and come back down. Quick breather, rinse and repeat. (x15 derkins on each set)
A – Ascending Testicles; 3 sets of derkins x5 @ 30 degrees, x5 @ 60 degrees, x5 @ 90 degrees on the fence. Rinse and Repeat
K – King of Hearts; 2 sets or suicides on tennis courts 1-crab walk suicides, 2-regular run
E – Elevens; picnic tables at shelter for box jumps and dips x10-x1; x9-x2, etc.

“Music Time…so I thought”
Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue – Mtn climbers to beat of song, plank hold in middle of song at slower part, full release merkin when you hear the word “kickstart” x13
– WIFI was not kind to us but the group seemed to be happy about that.
We concluded the workout with 22 merkins to finish strong.

Announcements for new Q leaders and possible new site near 12 Oaks. Upcoming convergence and 9/11 stair climb.

Prayers for Bernie’s M-I-L as she battles health issues. New Mexico’s colleagues let go from work.

Name-a-rama then Howard dismissed us in prayer.

It’s a pleasure to be a part of the F3 nation and especially the Southwake group of men. I hope you guys enjoyed the ride today!