So Long, and Thanks for All the BackBlasts

A calendar mix-up set the stage for Woody and YHC to step in for a tag team beatdown…

The Warm Up:
YHC starts it up
Mosey around parking lot to basketball courts
Good Mornings IC x15
Side Straddle Hops IC x20
Fazios IC FWD x10 REV x10
Imperial Walkers IC x15
Burpees OYO x3

The Thang:
Woody’s turn
Mosey to playground basketball courts
Count off into 1s and 2s
1s exercise OYO at court while 2s run the loop, flapjack
Round 1: Double Merican Burpees x3, Something x15, Monkey Humpers x10
Round 2: Something x10, Makhtar N’Diayes x5, Something x10
Round 3: World War I sit-ups x10, Something x5, Something x10
LBCs, Carolina Dry Docks, Standard Mericans, Squats, others were in there somewhere
Clarify in the comments if you so desire.

YHC says get a rock
Curls x15
Overhead Press x15
Bent Over Ruh-Rohs x15
Rock LBCs x15
Skull Crushers x15
YHC says return rocks
Railroad Tracks to the water fountain, have a sip

Woody leads us back to the basketball court
1s run suicides to court 1 baseline, then court 2 baseline
2s Chilcutts
Repeato again

Circle Up for Mary by YHC
Homer to Marge IC x15
Freddie Mercurys IC x15
Protractor at various angles (90,45,6), with PAX taking turns 10-counting at each angle clockwise around the circle
Have a Nice Day

Healing Transitions is hosting a cook out tomorrow from 12-2. Regular workout will follow at 2. PAX encouraged to attend as regulars are often out on summer vacations.
Peach Pit took us out.

Naked Moleskin:
So a co-Q was initially what YHC and Woody had planned for 6/29, but YHC wanted to push myself to take off the training wheels for my solo VQ. When Dutch Boy informed us last night that he was on the West Coast and couldn’t Q the date we had dropped on him in the gloom on 6/22 when he just wanted to Q 6/29, YHC texted Woody and the co-Q was a go.

When BuzzFeed was asking about WWI sit-ups vs WWII sit-ups, I initially thought WWIs were a joke he’d made up. For this BackBlast, I checked it out on the Nation’s exercise list.
We’ve been calling WWI sit-ups WWII sit-ups forever!!! ZOMG!!!

This is the last Dawn Patrol BackBlast on, future BBs should appear on It’s kind of sad, but is a signifier to just how much F3 Nation has grown. The future is exciting.

Thank you, I am honored to lead.

QIC: Woody, Pigpen (YHC)
Workout Date: 07/13/2017
The PAX: BuzzFeed, Hope Solo, Katahdin, Midol, Peach Pit, Pigpen (YHC), Spin Class, Woody, Yo-Yo


  1. Shaggy

    Great work boys. Keep pushing the Pax and head locking strong Qs.

    I’ll be due for one this fall. Always love coming back to the surf.

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