So with a wildly variable snow forecast the night before, most Q’s for Thursday morning cancelled their respective workouts around the Triangle. Not this Q and not ever for B.O. It goes on no matter what and 8 men came out to prove just that.

With ski goggles and ski poles, YHC was ready for the elements and was glad to see when he was joined by 7 other hearty participants.

Warm Up: Jog to circle in front of bank amongst the stares of Cary’s finest PD, bewildered a group of men would be exercising in that weather.

17x Good mornings, 16x windmills, 17x Imperial walkers.

The thang: jog from that point to YHC’s favorite spot, the Town of Cary parking deck. So much possibility exists in that deck and after many q’s there, YHC feels he has barely tapped its seemingly unlimited potential. Partner up, size is of no matter. P1 takes off from base of deck around and up the deck, whilst P2 does 7 merkeins. Upon completion, take off and catch P1 and tag him. P1 drops and does 7 merkeins while P2 runs…and so on up the deck and back down. Next, P1 and P2 run to ramp of each deck, partner carry up and switch and bear crawl remaining distance…and up and jog down.

To the stairwell base where P1 takes off up the well while P2 balls 2 wall, flapjack. Next P1 up the well while P2 Peoples Chair, flapjack. Repeat the first iteration again. Jack webs up next with a  1:4 ratio up to 8 and back down. Back up the stairwell as a group and back down.

Mary: 30x dying cockroach, 25x Russian hammers, 6 inch leg hold 10 count around group, 20x WWII situps. COT and jog back to cars for warmth.

Great to lead you men and to see so many out this cold and snowy morn.