I lived up to my name this morning.  It has been several months since I have Q’d and I was rusty.  I’m thankful for the PAX bearing with me as I find my stride again.  It is good that Q School is coming up.

YHC explained the disclaimer

Imperial WalkerX25

Mosey through campus to the brick wall in front of Simmons Hall

Due to the recent winter weather, the PAX recreated the 12 days of Christmas with the following exercises:

1 Burpee
2 Lunges
3 Prisoner Squats
4 Dips
5 Diamond Merkins
6 WWII Situps
7 Carolina Dry Docks
8 LBC’s
9 Mountain Climbers
10 American Hammers
11 Plank Jacks
12 Burpees

As a group, we started with the 1st exercise, then completed the 2nd exercise 2X, plus the 1st exercise, then the 3rd exercise 3X, plus the 2nd exercise 2X, then the 1st exercise, etc… until we made it all of the way up the “ladder”.

Mosey up N. Main St. to W Walnut, pause for SSHX25
Mosey up W. Walnut backwards, then on to N. College St while skipping (shh…don’t tell anyone)
Mosey up N. College St and pause for standard MerkinX25…receive an “atta boys” from a morning walker
Mosey on up N. College St and pause for Star JumpsX10 OYO

Cross over Stadium Dr back to campus. Run down the steps in front of the Lifeway Store.
Pause for a quick run through each of the 12 Days of Christmas exercises

Mosey back to the parking lot.

Surprisingly, a race broke out on the way back to the virtual shovel flag. Why does that keep happening?

Prayers for Floppy’s daughter
Prayers for Floppy’s Mom
Prayers for Patina’s Grandma
Moonshine took us out.

Although the workout didn’t exactly follow my original plan, it was good to Q again. Strong work by the PAX. Hot Licks and Sherpa pushed hard right up to the end, Moonshine was strong despite a recent unspoken injury, Floppy killed it as always.