A few of the more distinguished Lourdes PAX showed up for this morning’s festivities sporting enviable facial accessorization. YHC was reminded of the classic bestached villain from the old Dudley Do Right cartoons, Snidely Whiplash, “whose favorite pastime was tying women to railroad tracks.” (see video) I won’t say any more about that. But these gentlemen have done some fine work north of the upper lip.

And speaking of villainy, YHC had dastardly plans for this morning’s installment of LOURDES. Here’s how it went down.


Good Mornings / Std Mericans / Jump Ups / Windmills / Imperial walkers / 5 Burpees oyo

Run up Oxford away from Lourdes, stops for:
Burpees x10 / x15 / x20 / x25 / x30

Four glow stick rings placed in a square in the field at the south end of Fallon Park
Around the glow square with:
Bear Crawl
Gator / Bear Crawl
Crab Walk
Gorilla Walk
Scorpion Walk

Run up Hazelwood to Lochmore x20 Std Mericans, back down

Partner up for the run back, with stops for:
Bro Squats x20
Bro Dericans x15
Bro Assisted Mericans x5/side
Brover Unders x10/partner

Run it home. Done.

– If you’re scoring at home, that’s 105 burpees.
– Welcome to our new man, Jigglypuff, who moves to Atlanta on Thursday. Godspeed. And find a way to bring that name and the name of F3 to the men of Atlanta.
– Between the circa 1989 long-maned photo of YHC that accompanied last night’s pre-Lourdes tweet and the prime facial hair this morning, Lourdes is developing a reputation as an irrepressible magnet of manliness. There may be a need to add to future disclaimers, “No ladies, please.”

– 9/11 Stair Climb – be there, even if you’re doing the BRR. One way or another, we should have a great showing for this. It’s a tribute to the courageous people who gave and lost their lives that day.
– Labor Day Convergence. 7-8am. Pepe’s your Q at Pullen. #classicrock

– For Jiggleypuff’s move, and for Rain Man who lost his dad suddenly last week.
YHC concluded, leaving the PAX with the reminder that work is good. It was part of creation before sin entered the world. And the command right from the beginning was “subdue the earth.” That’s work. And to subdue means to take raw ingredients and turn them into something beautiful, something good. So, teaching your kids to tie their shoes or eat or ride a bike is the work of subduing. And the work you do in the office to make something good that’s a blessing to others–that’s subduing. And the way you serve others who are hurting or in need–that’s subduing. So, as you go about your work today, men, remember that your work is the work of subduing in order to be a blessing. Aye.

MR Furley had us take a moment, be present and aware, and then lifted us up to the One who made us. Thanks brother.
Enjoyed the time. Appreciative of each of you. Tuck, out.