YHC decided to lay out a little healthy twitter banter to possibly elicit some of the local PAX who seem to have given up on the Forge.  With only one taking the bate and some encouragement from one of the site Q’s out of town on business, YHC was happy to see one who will do more than talk ready to roll as he wheeled into the AO with 5 minutes to spare.

With a short disclaimer 10 PAX followed YHC into what would be anything but an FNG friendly beat down.

The thang: A brisk jog around the lake, to the back side of the carousel for a Robert Plant and back to the grass for some light warm ups and a little COP.  SSH x 25, good mornings x 10, IW’s x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio arm circles f/r x 10, down for merkins x 10, Peter Parker’s x 10, & Makhtar Ndiaye’s x 10.

Back to the lake for a jog to the bridges, lunge walk the first bridge, bear crawl around the gazebo, partner up and wheel barrow the next bridge & flip flop back.

Back to the run, over the bridge, up the back steps, lunge walk the high bridge, to the top of the hill to find a rock, take your rock to the tennis courts for squat presses x 10, curls x 10, BTW hands on your rock x 15.  Set your rock down and run the four corners of the lower court area, stopping at each corner for 5 BOYO. Back to your rock for another round of squat presses x 15, curls x 15, peoples chair with rock straight out x 10, straight up x 10, & straight out x 10.  Four corners again with 10 merkins OYO at each corner.  Back to the rock work, squat presses x 10, curls x 10, regular BTW x 20.  Four corners again with 10 monkey humpers OYO at each corner.  At the end of each set of four corners the pax waited for all pax to finish in peoples chair, at one point, against YHC’s intention, two 10 counts were given in the peoples chair position with arms high.

Put your rocks back, head back down to the high bridge, bear crawl across, back down the steps and along the north side of the lake working our way to the short steps for quick feet x 15, mini french dips x 15, and derkins x 10.  Back to the jog around the carousel for another Robert Plant and to the grass to finish things up.

Mary: LBC’s x 50, Homer to Marge x 25, American Hammers x 25, DONE!

NMM: Not much rest today, the pax waited either in plank, squat hold, or peoples chair as the rest of the pax finished up each pain station.  T-claps to Blue Oyster for hanging with a tough workout for his 2nd post, and much respect to Ce-Lo for pushing through his 1 year mark this morning.  It’s been a blessing to YHC to walk with Ce-Lo through the ups & downs of weight loss for the past 6 months or so, we have tried to hold each other accountable, it’s a tough road when biscuits and cake taste so good.  Thanks to Costco for answering the call and being willing to hang with the AAA’s for the morning, a wise man once told me, that’s where the real ball is played anyway.  Always good to have a fellow Pack fan in the house in New Mexico, with all the FV spots on the schedule it’s rare he gets back to his old faithful Tuesday beat down.  Good mix of new and old faces today, maybe a little Hi Fidelity next week, who knows.

YHC talked about God’s promise in Philippians 4:6, that whether in the valley low, the mountain top, or somewhere in between, to go to God with prayer petition, and thanksgiving.  That when you know the Big Man personally, His peace is an amazing blessing to experience no matter where you are in your walk.  And as always, if you don’t know Him, ask one of your F3 brothers who does, they would be glad to introduce you.  He ordained rest for us but we must claim it sometimes, and because He is the Promise Keeper, He can be trusted to do what He says.

New Mexico encouraged everyone to pray for Howard & his M for their upcoming mission trip to Africa, read his BB from yesterday, a moving celebration of a man who is in large part responsible for F3 Raleigh and how it looks today.

Lots of announcements from  the Mule to a beer with Epoxy on Friday as Costco will be out of town.

Hush Puppy took us out in a ball of man to the King of Glory.

Thanks to those who continue to walk with me and encourage me to return for more.

Country Wide out!