16 PAX @ Rameses and Prancing Horse awoke at 0543 for his 0545 Q. My bad. Found the PAX performing overhand rows and dips on the handrail at Rameses. Now that their fearless leader was present, we got down to it.

Warmup: SSH, Windmill, Squats, Mtn climbers, merkins, slow merkins

The Thang:

Head to the guardrail for 12 x dips and 10 x pull-ups. Repeato

-Sprint from the bottom of Tar Heel Warrior Mountain to first gate, recovery walk to handrail, sprint second hill. Chumba Wumba burpees. All PAX got knocked down, most of them got up again. Back to bottom of THWM.
-Sprint the mountain. Thunderstruck Merkins. Devastating. Back to bottom of THWM.
-Sprint the mountain. Bring Sally Up, Bring Sally Down Squat Challenge. Painful. Halfway down mountain.
-Backwards run second half of THWM. Quads on fire.
-25 Russian Hammers and 25 Heels to Heaven.

COT- Prayers for Blindside and his family, recent medical issues. Prayers for Porn Star, tracheotomy.