Co-site Q Country Wide put the EH on Life Alert to post at The Arena for the first time this Good Friday afternoon, only problem – he pulls an unexcused absence (ie, completely spaced on time) and left Life Alert and Prenup wandering the grounds of Dix trying to find their way to HT.  I know there has to be a term for this within the F3 lexicon – anyone?

Was hoping for big numbers today with the spring weather and it being HT client appreciation day, but job commitments prevented some from posting while the lure of outdoor volleyball (Goose and Maverick style) was just too much for others.  Despite ringleader Herring’s best efforts, our numbers were at 6 pax when 2:30 arrived – fortunately Prenup and Life Alert found their way back to the car and sensibly drove to HT.  Let the fun begin.


SSH x 15, Good Afternoon x 10, IW x 10, turn it over to Mini-Fridge who led us in Merkins x 10.


Over to the field by Lake Wheeler for a set of 7’s.  Jumpshot Burpees x 6 at top of hill, Squat Jumps x 1 at bottom.  Think this was the first time 7’s (or 11’s for that matter) have been introduced at The Arena – Herring was not a fan.

Jog past the volleyball game over to intersection of Goode St and Lake Wheeler.  Defensive slides back to the HT parking lot, switching halfway.  In parking lot, find a space on curb for the Merkin Wheel.  5x reps at each stop (baby irkins, offset merkins with left hand on curb, baby dirkins, offset with right hand on curb).  Partner up for Single Leg Squats – one partner planks, other partner rests one leg on planking partner’s back, then 10x single leg squats OYO each leg.  Flapjack.

Reverse Merkins (for now) – standard merkin, but hold the down for a increasing silent time count of 5x, 5x, 10x, 10x, 15x, 15x.

Over to the rock pile by the tracks.  Grab rock, circle up for Pass the Rock.  Rock curls x 10, pass, tri press x 10, pass, shoulder press x 10, sprint to tracks and back, rock squat x 10, pass, rock chop x 10 each shoulder.


LBC x 15, FM x 15, Hammers x 20


Nameorama.  Announcements – Arena every Friday (haha)

Prayer requests – Herring is moving into the next phase in the program and his kitchen job commitment may interfere with his posting at The Arena.  Prayers requested for a new client to step up to take the reigns of internal leader.  Prayers also for Herring as he runs his first marathon at the Rock n Roll in a couple of weeks.

YHC shared a quote that offered a different perspective on Good Friday:  “It is the day of the death of our death.”

Herring took us out.


T-claps to Prenup and Life Alert for making their first post at The Arena.  Was hoping to have better numbers for you but appreciate your presence and hope to see you back out soon.

Rare to get to bust CW’s balls – grateful to the Epoxy Challenge for this opportunity.

T-claps to 2.0 Mini-Fridge for his first partial Q.

Funny to see Zima posting without a visor on.  Guess he figured it wasn’t needed in the bright sunshine we had today.

Always a fun time at The Arena.  Give it a shot if you haven’t yet or if it’s been a while.