March Madness, Easter Weekend, a thick layer of pollen tinting the entire landscape neon green…

Spring has sprung in Raleigh, NC. It is a time of joy, of rebirth, a season of new life, new adventures, or maybe just a refill on that allergy prescription. Well, 8 Whiplash stalwarts took their antihistamine, their DRP, and rolled up at 6:25 to get better…headlights optional.

Mosey to the patio between East/West buildings
Homer to Marge x15
Dan Jansen x15

Indian Run in a clockwise fashion around the West building and finish in the field near the Concrete Wall structure, art, thingy.

The Big Set:
Groups of 3. Partner 1 at one end of the artwork AMRAP, partner 2 in transition (approx 30 yards), partner 3 at the far end AMRAP. When partner 2 reaches 3, they switch, 3 moves to 1 and switch, etc, until all reach their original position.

1. Carolina Dry Docks/Broad Jump Burpees/Box Cutters
2. Jump Lunges/Full-length Suicides (out-back-out-back-out)/Heels to Heaven
3. Archer Merkin/Broad Jump Burpees/Freddie Mercury
4. Leaping Dan Jansen/Full-lenght Suicides/Windshield Wipers

These were long sets of difficult exercises, in case you couldn’t tell. My brain was fried, which I will use as my excuse for my inability to adapt the next set. It is designed for groups of three, which I will describe, but our numbers were not ideal for that. Thank goodness the PAX are more intelligent and flexible than YHC.

Mosey to the pond for Catch Me If You Can. Partner Carries (1&2) while 3 completes 10 Single-leg Deadlift each leg, then catches his partners. Taps out one, who remains to complete his 10-10, while 2&3 keep moving with partner carries. Get around the pond and Mary until the whole group is gathered. I had planned for multiple laps, but given our challenges, we pushed on.

Mose to the Dojo for a Circuit Pyramid
Bulgarian Split Squat (now known as peg-leg-joe)
Squat Box Jump
Work was done on my down, full circuit at 5, then 10, 15, 10, 5.

Indian run to the amphitheater for Mary
Hello Dolly x20
WWII x20
High Slow Flutter x20
WWII x20
Nippler x20
Low Plank hold

Mosey to Parking Lot for COT.
Prayers up for Rainman and Orwell.
Quote of the day from CS Lewis’ Mere Christianity “Imagine yourself as a living house…” look it up, you’ll want to read it. Sometimes the hardest part is letting him in to do his work in you. This weekend especially, be grateful for all the work He has done for us, in us, through us.

Vector Victor took us out in prayer.

Awesome work accomplished by the PAX this morning. I was humbled by your effort, attitude and ability. Grateful for the opportunity to lead this fine group today.

with all the groundwork we did, we all left covered in pollen, our black shirts quite yellow, which prompted Tigerbeat to remind us of another classic Cousin Eddie line, this time, from Vegas Vacation…