My F3 name is partly derived from my pre-F3 routine of working out solo in my garage with kettlebells. The program that I did (and actually still really like) is called Simple and Sinister. There are only two exercises – the kettlebell swing and the Turkish get up. Simple as it may be, the workout is always challenging and if completed with a 48 kg bell as dictated by the ultimate goal – it is most definitely sinister. Inspired by this minimalist approach, I tried to keep the workout as simple as possible..and maybe a little sinister.

Warm up: SSH, hillbilly, good morning, merkins, long mosey around soccer fields and around to the middle of the parking lot.


10 x (10 SSH + 10 mercans)

Set of 5s instead of 7s due to distance of the run. Carolina Dry Docks and Sumo Jump Squats.

Circle of pain: low slow flutter, nippler, burpees, Freddy Mercury, burpees, lunges, etc.

Another set of 5s: prisoner squats and dips

Grab wounded Rockport and mosey back to top of parking lot to finish up: Mountain climbers, dying cockroach, lunges, etc.


Prayers for Leah, Tinkertoy’s sister-in-law

F3 Ski Trip this month (Details, anyone?). Day trip to Wintergreen (Katahdin)


During Q Source discussion last night me and a couple PAX were lamenting the lack of back blasts and saying how we should do them more. Well, I guess since I had the Q the next day it was up to me to do my part to change an “I should” to an “I will.

Great having Katahdin, Archetype, and Biscuit with us today. They came all the way from North Hills!