With a good portion of The Crick brethren down at Emerald Isle knocking out 13.1 miles, YHC was curious to see what the pax count would be today.  A solid 6 posted to The Crick Gloom this morning, a decent number considering the non-April temps and the pax down at EI.

Knowing a lot of The Crick pax were covering 13.1 today, YHC was thinking we would try to at least cover a 5K over the course of the workout in honor of the pax down at EI…..call it settling for a 5K.  According to Watson’s calculation, we got slightly north of a 5K doing the following:

Mosey out to Bruckhaus St. and towards the community center, circling around the school and back to the basketball court for warm-ups.

  • Good Mornings – 15x
  • Mtn. Climbers – 25x
  • Imperial Walkers – 15x
  • Windmill – 15x
  • Nippler – 25x

Mosey out to th corner of Brier Creek Parkway & Vogel St.

Route 66 with Squats – plank in front of entrance to community center when done.

Mosey over to the bus loop in front of the school for a Set of Elevens in the bus loop – Merkins on one end, WWIIs on the other. Plank when done

Mosey back to the basketball court & partner up for a Dora 123 – exercises on the bball court, partner runs a lap around track below bball court.

  • Plank Jacks – 100x
  • Monkey Humpers – 200x
  • SSH – 300x

Mosey over to the wall above the bball court

  • People’s Chair – 10-count per pax all the way down and back
  • BTTW – 30x
  • People’s Chair – 10-count per pax all the way down and back
  • BTTW – 20x

Mosey back to the bball court for Mary


  • LBCs – 50x
  • Homer-to-Marge – 25x
  • 6-Inch Leg Hold – 20x



Rock Steady got us a discount code for the Minuteman Muster.  Code is omega5k or omega8k.  Check link for more info or to register:  http://carolinarunner.com/2016/04/06/minuteman-muster-5k-8k-may-21-2016-nc-national-guard-military-center-raleigh-nc/

Check out the food drive I Like Tacos and his 2.0 are organizing next week here:  http://www.thefooddrivekid.org/

Q sheets need to get filled, North Raleigh AOs are particularly bare, links below.

The Crick:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19vQUbh81NDswjLbby2mQwLcMygZhy0ZRVRzTrJr7otQ/edit#gid=0



Juggernaut:  https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1OV3bwKGumNGnlzsEBgSOzMcj-UFVylCOXL9Trydt0F8/edit#gid=0


Trump’s friend Chris battling health issues


Mr. Slate took us out.