25 Pax made it out for my maiden Q. We ran down to the parking lot behind the museum and the group fought throw the horror of warming up without the usual next exercise, starting position move, in cadence. Fortunately, the group was exceptionally bright and picked up 20 side straddle hops, 15 good mornings and 15 mountain climbers without the typical cues.

The Thang:

Ran a giant figure eights around the pond and around the dojo.

At the end of the pond stopped for:
merkins x 15
hammers (double count) x 15

Where the loops connect both ways:
lunges x 20

On the far end around the dojo:
merkins x 15
freddy mercury (double count) x 15

Most made it 5 loops. Planked at the end of the pond and tried some “steel cut” planks which are remarkably similar to chill cut. Ran back to museum finished with 40 LBCs. Finished just in time to beat the rain.

Apologies to the pax I forgot to document.