17 Pax members brought their KBs to Carroll Middle school this morning to throw some iron. Allied Barton tried to supervise the gathering but his efforts failed. Wake County has had an aggressive watering campaign of their soccer fields over the past few days which created a problematic scenario for the Q. Between the security guard and the sprinklers on the field, the whole work-out almost didn’t happen. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed and we got an honest work-out in.

The Thang:

-Circle up on the field, SSH, GM, Mountain Climbers.
-Partner up. Partner 1 carries his KB and his partners around the track. Partner 2 does five burpees and then catches partner 1. Switch exercises. One time around the track.

Main Event
-Three times through the sets. On the baseline, 20 swings, 20 goblet squats, 20 renegade rows (10 each hand), 20 burpees and then run the field down and back.

Mary while everyone finishes the Main Event.

– Curls, Tricep extensions X2 then Merkins x10 plus hold.
– Overhead press, KB Swing x2 then Merkins x10 plus hold.

– Hit the track and go around one more time with the partner weight carry/burpee.


Flatline took us out.

Naked Moleskin:

– Minimal chatter this morning. Orwell didn’t make a peep as I think the Main Event put the Pax in their happy place to grind out the sets.
– Friar Tuck celebrated his birthday this morning at The Blitz. Not only is Tuck one of the best people you’ll ever meet in life, but his physical ability to knock out burpees at record speed is world class. Thanks for joining us on your birthday, bro!
– Invisible shirt smoked the Main Event. PED might have been at play this morning but we can’t confirm that statement. Strong push!
– As a personal mission, Q avoided “Arm-Circles, Monkey Humpers, and Homer to Marge” during this work-out. Q doesn’t want to tell a grown man what to do but heeding that advice may be prudent in your life. #fact


– Thirsty Thursday and Manna are on for tomorrow. Jump into a 3rd F event if you feel so led.

Always an honor to spend the morning with you guys.