YHC has been doing rehab for the calf, after letting it rest for a week I have been itching to get back on track for training for the Sasquach and BRR later this year!  After several training runs it finally feels ready to go.

EC run: Dirty Pipes and YHC got in 5.7 miles before the workout around Benson using several of Burnout’s favorite routes.

The Thang:

Warm up: High knees, Butt kickers, SSH, Squats, Cotton Pickers each 10X in candence

Indian Run around the park

Bermuda Triangle: 3 stops 20 yards between each with Bear Crawl and 2, 4, 6 Burpees at each.  Repeat with Lunges between each stop with 2,4,6 Burpees at each stop. Al Gore for the six each round.

ALARM 1: 5 min with 10 reps each AMRAP:  Derkin (Arm), Lunge (Leg), LBC’s (Ab), Rocket Dips(“R exercise), Mountain Climbers (“M exercise)

ALARM 2: 5 min with 10 reps each AMRAP: Shoulder Taps (Arm), Squats (Leg), Freddy Mercurys (Ab), Ranger Merkins (“R exercise),  Monkey Drill (“M” exercise).

Catch me if you can around the park with 5 Burpees each time you get “caught”, sprint after your partner after.

Plank-a-rama for the six

Death Jack 10 min AMRAP: 10 pull ups, mosey back to shelter, 10 reps of SSH, 10 reps of Smurf jacks,  10 reps of plank jacks.

PAX Mary with each PAX calling cadence for their exercise.

BOM/COT: Prayers for sickness and illness, Prayers for families and upcoming surgeries, F3 brother Chelsea, Prayers for Ben. Health of the PAX and injuries.

Moleskin: Make sure you stay healthy! Modify as you need to, push yourself but also train smart! Be there for your brother, push the six but also leave no man behind.

Announcements: Sasquach last weekend in July or first in August this year, Live Well FREE 5k in Greenville March 9th. BRR mumble chatter.