Accountability is why F3 works for not only fitness goals but mental/personal goals as well.  What YHC has seen is men starting to grow comfortable with each other, pushing each other, and most importantly talking trash about our local sports teams.  The PAX needs to be there for each other, that is why we end in COT/BOM to open up, ask for help/prayer. As the PAX starts to get tighter I challenge you to open up, make yourself vulnerable and reap the benefits of support from the PAX.

YHC wanted to continue to push the PAX for upcoming events, 5k, The Mule, etc with some more speed and power work with pace work sprinkled in.

The Thang:
Butt kickers, High knees, left and right Carico while some of the PAX dragged out of the car.

Indian Run from Faith to White Deer
Speed work (Lap around parking lot as fast as you can and do foot release squats on picnic table until six arrives)
After each lap PAX OYO 5 box jumps
Repeat 5x with 10 recovery before the sprint.

Indian Run around Lake Benson around to entrance of White Deer Park, with no place to perform pull ups YHC had to improvise.
Modified 5 minutes of Cindy (AMRAP)
5 bar “pull ups” reclined row
10 Merkins
15 Squats

Mosey toward the flag with Jailbreak the last 100 yards, Laker crushing the finish.

3 minutes left means time for more Mary.

Plank-a-rama: Regular, L side, R side, Regular with R arm/L leg, Regular with L arm/R leg, R and L Star plank.

COT/BOM: Labrat: Prayers for interview, Prayers for Stretch’s Grandma with chemo, Crab Legs

Announcements: F3 Clayton NEXT WEEK 3/6!  Clayton Community Park 5:30 AM, new site!
Live Well Free 5k on 3/10
The Mule 3/10
Coop Strong (ENC) 4 miler run or ruck option 3/24