4 Pax showed up extra early for some bonus fun 515-530.

50 Lb Sandbag carry up 3 flights of stairs *2

Bear crawl up and down same stairs.

Sandbag Relay.  1st man plank or spiderman merkins.  2nd man runs up ramp with sandbag and flap jacks with 3rd man who is doing burpees at the top.  3rd man runs down with sandbag and switches with the 1st man.  Repeato*2

530-605 Total of 19 pax assembled for the real workout

SSH*15, Merkins*10, Front Hack Squats *15, Squat hold*30 seconds

Sandbag Line- 3 groups in line pass a 50lb sandbag to the man next to him.  Man with the sandbag at the end runs to the other end with sandbag.  Repeato till everyone runs twice

Slow-Mo Merkins (4 count down and 4 count up)*10, Sky abs*10, LBC*15

Hill Intervals (Maize Special)

Team one spider merkins or planks.  Team 2 runs to the top and flap jacks with Team 3 that is concurrently doing burpees.  Flap jack till everyone has gone twice.

Next Hill interval.  Ever group on top of ramp.  Group 1 runs downhill and then runs uphill backwards while group 2 and 3 plank or squats.  Flap jack until 2 cycles.

Burpee Line*15, Reverse Crunches*10, High Slow Flutter *10, Low plank hold*30 seconds

Chong Li assumes the Q…

Burpee Line.