It’s no surprise to YHC that even on a sunny April afternoon the Raleigh PAX preferred the Epoxy Vortex birthday HH over time in the Arena.  But knowing the faithful Arena regulars would be ready to work, YHC and Duff arrived a few minutes early to encourage as many as possible to join us in the ring.  With Herring preparing for the Rock & Roll Marathon, Butane would be the instigator for the rest of the crew to join us, and he did a great job.  After a little instigation the total was 9 pax and we were off.

The thang:  Jog past detox to the island in front of the gas pumps for warmups, good afternoons x 10, SSH x 15, Imperial Walkers x 20, standard merkins x 15.

Head across driveway for a set of 7’s across the field, box cutters away and burpees in the driveway, plank it out till all complete.

Head to the center of the field for a round of Jack Webs 1 merkin to 2 hand raises, up to 10 and 20.

Jog back to campus for some curb wok, quick feet, french dips, and curb derkins, 3 rounds of each x 15.

Head back to grass beside courtyard, for Mary, LBC’s x 30 & Hammers x 15, DONE!


YHC shared that sometimes we perceive things to be easy but when we get into the thick of it many times things are much tougher than they appear from the outside (Jack Webb’s). A call to think before we judge, and to encourage our brothers instead of turning away.  But when all is said and done the toughest things in life usually produce the greatest reward.  Name-a-rama was a great time with one fng, Locks.  YHC made a call the the pax to begin to put a schedule together together for the weeks they are responsible to Q, and to take ownership of the site.  We went through a round of sobriety dates, from 4 days to 10 months.  Our fng for the day Locks took us out with a mighty word to the King of all creation.

The Skin

We continue to see light turnout from the regular Raleigh pax, Duff & YHC try to make sure at least one of us is available for each week, but it would be great to find some men willing to step in especially in the gaps.  With the sun shining and a little lobbying we had a solid crew from HT, the mumble chatter was strong, Claude Hopper insisted that Screech has no idea the workout he could lead with a truck full of sledge hammers.  Butane has been the ring leader for the past several posts of the Arena, ready when we arrive and not hesitant to call the other men out when they raise an excuse not to post, it is a vital component to our time there.  Don’t know what happened to 2nd Bsae, he is usually there talk a little smack, YHC is guessing he is still mourning the holes defeat.  YHC is always excited to have not just a new man to the Arena but also new to the program, Locks was a few days out of detox and struggled his way through the days work.  When he finished he remarked at how exciting it was to have a weekly workout to look forward to.  I think anything to break the monotony of the rehab grind is a plus to the men. Locks also seemed to have a firm grasp of his faith in Christ, I hope he is there this week!  Prayers for Shepherd who is going to be on a sanctioned leave for a month to take care of an aging aunt in need of in home care.  Pray that the tools he has learned over the past 7 or so months remain at the forefront of his walk and that the Lord gives him strength in the times of temptation that are sure to come.

Talk to YHC or Duff about committing to a day in the Arena, you’ll be glad you did.

CW out.

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