16 Pax members ran around the NCMA in this installment of The Judge.

Here was the course:

*Partner up.

*Run the loop for a warm up. YHC leads.

*Race starts with six stops (Top Parking Lot, 2nd speedbump, Parking lot next to picnic tables, pond (or pool), mosh pit and roundabout) for each lap.

*Each partner does 14 exercises at each stop (Starjumps, Derkins off partners back and handshakers – Repeat the three exercises twice – Easy to remember)

Ran a warm-up loop and then three times around the circuits. The Hair and Mr. Michigan State T-shirt took home the hardware. Good work by all!

Several events in May to participate in: 1.)Neighbor to Neighbor, 2.)Healing Transitions and 3.) Haven House. Check the website for more details.

MacGrubers friend, Deliverance’s/Red Dog’s friend and other unspoken prayers.

Great to see everyone this morning after being away for a week. Hope to see you next week.