14 Pax gathered in the gloom, shedding outerwear (since it wasn’t going to help anyway) for a warmer, wetter edition of The Catalyst.

Disclaimer given & the PAX jogs to the upper parking lot for…

Warm up:

Good morning x 20, Side shuffle hop x 30, Imperial walker x 20, Windmill x 20, Sir Fazio arm circles x 10 (reverse), Mountain climber x 20, Merkin x 15

The Thang Begins:
Jog across the parking lot with high knees->backwards jog->high knees. Cross the road toward First Citizens. Interspersed Lunge walk, Karaoke.

Arrive at First Citizens & split into 2 groups for…

1’s sprint around the building
2’s perform Balls To The Wall (flapjack)
Repeato, with stair climb, 2’s perform People’s Chair (flapjack)
Repeato, 2’s perform Prisoner Squats (flapjack)
PAX planks with Putin->Sarkozy->Chilcutt

Recover on the jog back toward Carroll MS.

Lunge walk, cross the street, & continue jog down steps to the lower level.  Handoff to Horshack.


Grab a rock, circle up, Curls(for the Girls) x15, Shoulder Press x15, Tricep Extensions x15, Chopping Wood (and/or Broccoli) x10 left, x10 right.  Rotate two spots Clockwise, Repeato with new rock.

Count off by 4s for “MudBowl Relay”, Sprint to Centerfield: Each Group take position and begin exercise – 1’s Midfield line right (burpees), 2’s Behind South Goal (flutter kick (“squelrch”)), 3’s Midfield line left (starjumps), 4’s North Goal (prisoner squats). Group 1 timer to 10 burpees, sprint to 2’s position, 2’s sprint to 3’s, 3’s sprint to 4’s, 4’s sprint to burpees station, do 10, cycle. Cycle through so all do each station twice.

Sprint to courts for Mary: WWII Situps x 25 (major “squerlch”ing), LBC’s x50


– Name-o-rama + MudRun to be F3 domination (still some room), April 10 2nd F.

– Several prayer requests, including health, strength in the face of recent terminal diagnoses, patience and wisdom with 2.0s.

– Special Prayer request for Tin Cup’s M, “she’s on a cruise…a Monsters of Rock cruise… with a bunch of 80s hair bands.”…we’re not worthy!!!

– CoQ Mr Roger brought a message of the importance of “Leaps of Faith”. Kudos on his M anniversary, and to remember F3 was a leap of faith we all took, at some point, but do so with others.

Group Prayer: Ball o’ Man, Brief prayer for those mentioned, then F3Men call-response:

“We are Strong. We are Blessed. We are Grateful. 

We Must Serve Others Everyday, Because In Them:

We Find Our Strength, We Appreciate Our Blessings, We Show Our Gratitude.