After the Floods of 2017 subsided, YHC was hoping to find a bit of dry land for the latest episode of Detention. Having led through a muddy baseball field and flooded football field here in the past, I knew the track would be our best bet. 12 PAX waded into the gloom for a dry, core-focused workout. No FNGS, so we head right into…

SSH X 20
Sir Fazios X 15 (front and reverse)
Mountain Climber X 15
Good Mornings X 10

Mosey over to the track for…

start out by the bleachers with 1 dying cockroach, run to other side of track for 8 knee to elbow plank exercises (need a name for these), then 2 and 7, 3 and 6, etc. etc.Thankfully Mr. Rogers and YHC were not up front – we lost count early and often and would still be running if not told to stop. Extra work included dodging the other runners on the track – 5 or 6 women and some dude running sprints who did not like us performing exercises in his lane.

On first trip around YHC noticed the hurdles to one side, so after we’re all done with 9s, we sprint over to the hurdles for the Conveyer Belt. Line up in plank, first person bear crawls to first hurdle, performs an exercise, then bear crawls to next hurdle for another exercise – continue for 6 hurdles. As soon as man in front of you finishes first exercise, it’s your turn. Once finished, return to back of plank line until everyone done.

exercises were:
Never Cross Dolly x 15
plank jacks x 15
ski abs x 15
>mahktar dyes x 15
Reverse LBC x 15
LBC x 15

This took longer than anticipated, that was a seriously long plank. Once done we head back to parking lot for…

Abs are sufficiently shot, but we have time for one last exercise to make sure we feel this for a couple of days. A take off of Jack Webbs – 4 American Hammers for every LBC. Parking lot is sloped, so yeah, let’s all face uphill for this one. Counted up to 5 LBC’s and 20 Hammers before we ran out time (i.e. YHC was toast). Those last 5 LBCs were hardest I’ve ever done.


Announcements – sign up to Q – slots open in May (looking at you, Dink), Haven House Corn Hole Fundraiser – find link only and sign up!

Prayers – continue to keep Wall E and his family in your prayers

2 miles and all the ab work was no joke – good work today, gents – thanks for pushing me. Always an honor and privilege to Q.