Conditions: About 56* F. Cloudy


  • SSHx20
  • Arm Circles x20
  • Moroccan Nightclubs x20
  • American Hammers x20
  • Indian Run (around field… about 5 minutes)

The Thang:

Located near the #ShovelFlag is a golf course with a great slope. YHC took note of this last time the PAX were there. Some #Mumblechatter about what rocks were for. The goal was to bear crawl up to the top of the main hill on the course. Cones were placed at 3 places up the hill: 1, 1/4 of the way up. 2, 1/2 way up the hill. 3, 3/4 way up the hill (roughly…). 4, The top of the hill.

PAX started at the bottom of the hill bear crawling up to the first set of cones. Once there, a set of 20 merkins followed, then all PAX retreated to the bottom of the hill for some rock work. This started with 20 shoulder presses.

After that, PAX bear crawled to the second set of cones. Once there, everyone did 20 merkin-jacks. Back to the base for 20 rock curls. QIC was unimpressed with some of the baby-rocks that some PAX used, so everyone took the second rock to their left, shuffling up the rock distribution.

QIC felt generous, and a jog up to the third set of cones ensued, followed by 15 burpees OYO. Back to the bottom for 20 tricep extensions with rocks. Not to be accused of bias, QIC had all PAX switch to the rock to their right.

Back to bear crawls, this time all the way up. Upon cresting the hill, 20 WWII Situps followed. Back to the bottom, where all PAX grabbed their rocks to mosey back to the #ShovelFlag. One PAX was selected to carry QIC’s rock while he grabbed all the cones from the golf course. #Mumblechatter about this being “The most brilliant Q move ever.”


PAX held plank while waiting for slower brothers to mosey up to the flag. Once there, 2 PAX gave a 10-count holding plank. Then it was up on the left side with the right arm in the air for another 2 PAX 10-counts. Navy Seal Situps followed, and judging from the groans, QIC thinks this will be a regular part of his routine. Finished off the exercise with 20 American Hammers.



Mud Run exceedingly soon. Trying to get a fifth team together.

Prayer Requests:

Victims of bombings this weekend in Middle East.

Families of those killed locally this weekend.

Final Exams for Anonymous.


Patina took us out.


Great work everyone who came out today. It was great to see The Dude back out this week. Thanks to Ollie for coming all the way out to support my VQ. It was a great privilege to lead all of you, and I’m looking forward to doing it again!  AYE!