As the rain drizzled down after an epic EC run, the Pax huddled in the shelter for some warm-up exercises.

  • Good mornings
  • Sir fazios
  • Hill billies
  • Jump shots

The Thang

The Pax were lead to the basketball court where a light shone through the darkness allowing the men to huddle around for some ring of fire fun.

  • Ring of fire bear crawl to the left and to the right on command
  • Stop for some ring of fire around the circle in the plank position while each Pax member completed merkins10x (repeato)
  • Ring of fire defensive slides left/right then into the plank/star jumps
  • Ring of fire slides to feel the burn one more time

Baseline Booyah

  • Boo yah merkins down the line with gusto and back
  • Tunnel of love down to the end of the court with bear crawls

Modified 17s

  • 1s and 2s partner up
  • 1s run down to fence no legged people chair
  • 2s 10merkins flapjack until Group gets to 100 merkins
  • Repeato, this time balls to the wall

Basketball Hop Challenge

The Pax then had an opportunity to show off their hops-spoiler alert we had very little air on the verticle leaps.

  • Net-if missed the net 5 burpees
  • Backboard- if missed the backboard 5 burpees
  • Rim- if you missed the rim 5 burpees


  • LBCs 20x
  • Freddy mercuries 20x
  • 6 inch leg hold 20x
  • Merkin hammers 20x
  • Merlin mini-marathon
    -diamond 10x
    -regular 10x
    -wide grip 10x


  • Spurrier’s mom
  • Banjo lifted up F3 brothers Chinese downhill and Coney
  • Nickelback moving to Hillsborough