For the 32 unsuspecting PAX on this fine Halloween morning, there was an eerie sense of anticipation that surrounded the gloom. After YHC’s being afforded the opportunity of his Maiden Q alongside the battle-hardened hero, Maize, it was only fitting that we experience Halloween through the portal of Ridgemont High. Today, Spiccoli would not come to the dance. However 32 mighty hard chargers would decide to embrace #no dancing, #no pizza, and all of the tests put before them.

Alas, to what did YHC’s wondering eyes appear? A creature that comes forth only once per year. Does lightning really only strike the same place once? It seems the powers that be have granted us twice the presence of…Ricky.

Following a hum along to DJ Maize’s “Werewolf of London,” we set off.

Run a bit – 10 Merkins

Run to Anderson – 10 Burpees

Run back – 10 Monkey Humpers

Run toward off-limits soccer field – 10 Merkins

We hit the Greenway at this point, grasping our way in the dark. It reminded me of the horror movies we’ve all witnessed: The opening scene. Killer comes in the house. Female runs upstairs. We yell angrily at the TV. You know what happens. And so we continue deeper into the dark gloom, searching for the Parking lot that would hold our beatdown.


SSH – 20

Good Mornings – 10

Imperial Walkers – 20


The Thang:

6 rounds with Ozzy Osbourne (Is there a better example of “Evil” songwriting?)

Grab a dance partner (size matters)

  1. Bobby Petrino to 1st light pole, 10 Diamond Merkins, Sprint to 2nd lightpole, 10 Diamond merkins, sprint back to 1st, 10 Diamond Merkins. Bobby Petrino back, flapjack partners. Plankhold till all get back.
  2. Sprint, 10 air squats….Plank hold
  3. Bobby Petrino, 10 carolina dry docks….squat hold
  4. Sprint, 10 monkey humpers…plank hold
  5. Bobby Petrino, 10 star jumps….squat hold
  6. Sprint, 10 Burpees….plank hold

Maize takes the Q:

Split into three groups and work “the system.” (a nod to Westphal)

With one group at each end of the parking lot doing AMRAP burpees, there is a third which runs the length of the parking lot. They tag the group at the opposite end. The tagged group then runs the length of the lot to tag the group at the far end. This continued for 4 cylcles.


Plank Jacks x 20

Decliners x 15

Peter Chilcutts x 15

Merkins x 15

Run back to SF the long way


LBC’s x20



  • FNG – Travis Cash. There was not much difficulty in coming up with the nickname here, with his last name providing all the ammo the PAX needed. As an ode to Johnny Cash, Folsom was suggested. Wendell Gee thought that was too cool of a name, and the PAX agreed. However, Sue was briskly settled upon. How tough would a boy have to be, to carry the name of Sue? His potential girl name might be tough to swallow. Welcome Sue.
  • Krispy Kreme Challenge sign-up is under way.
  • F3 Winter Gear – order it by Nov 1st.
  • Turkey Trot signup.
  • A few spots available for F3 connect on Wednesday Nov. 5
  • Nehemiah 3 tells how the Israelites rebuilt the wall around Jerusalem at the end of the exile. Each section was rebuilt by a family, a guild, nobles, or priests. Although they had their individual tasks, each group had to work with the adjacent teams to see the job done. In our communities, we all have different skills, abilities, and areas of influence. As we lean on each other with a heart of service, we better the whole. #Iam3rd

It was YHC’s honor to serve the PAX this morning, along with Maize. Completely humbled by the experience.


  • Somehow, YHC partnered up with Ricky during the dance. Not sure why he was so heavy. What was in his pockets? Too afraid to ask. He is a man of iron though, running in those boots. Perhaps a haircut in the coming year would greatly reduce his wind-drag for next October.
  • A Special shout out to Sweeper Boy from CLT-Metro. One of the #Originals. #strong