4 Pax rolled into the parking lot of Mutiny unaware of the beat down to ensue. As we all got out of our cars we were surprised to see the return of the one and only Bret Michaels who is back after injuring his ankle. The Q has spoken with Bret the night before totally expecting him to fart sack and told him he would go easy on him. Well this AM was anything but easy…

Warm Up

Run to pavilion by playground

25 X left right step up

25 x mountain climber

15 x good mornings

10 x each arm fazio arm circles

Run to straight side of parking lot

 The Thang

Burpee Ladder

Bear crawl to first light post – sprint to stop sign – 10 burpees sprint back 1 WWII sit-ups

Repeato counting down on burpees and up on WWII sit-ups


Line up around loop

Windmill plank while one pax runs around loop repeat till all pax have ran

25 crunches
15 push ups
1 min chillcut plank
30 secs side plank each side
1 min homer to marge

Yog back to pavilion for COT


No pray requests were spoken this am. Possibly because of oxygen deprivation but that is OK.

Today’s Thought

Be fast to listen, slow to speak and slow to anger.

We must be reminded of this due to the constant hustle and bustle of our lives. As men we are fixers. This is the way we are made. We need to step back and listen to the whole situation before we speak or try to fix.