The circumstances were perfect. Google sent an email notification that I was Q’ing at my favorite AO (THE Premier Cary AO). But it was 9pm on Thursday night and I hadn’t planned anything. I kicked around a few ideas, ultimately deciding that if nothing else, I could always do an impromptu 4-mile jog around Cary. As fate would have it, YHC was pleased to see a particular PAX waiting in the parking lot at DangerZone.Said PAX had skipped his Q-duties at B.O. the morning prior. I thought he fartsack, but some excellent Twitter reporting revealed that the missing Q had actually posted elsewhere that same morning. In an instant, the plan basically made itself up.

14 PAX headed into the gloom in 40-something degree weather to witness the sweet taste of redemption.

Warm Up:

Jog around the bottom of the pickle and back up tp the basketball courts. Circle up for:

  • “Hey Franklin, call an exercise.”
  • Good Morning x 15
  • “Hey Franklin, I need another exercise.”
  • Windmill x 15
  • “Hey Franklin, what’s your favorite exercise.”
  • SSH x 20
  • “Hey Franklin, give me one more exercise.”
  • Merkins x 15, IC

The Thang:

“Hey Franklin, I need two exercises.” Franklin gave me Squats and LBCs. So we did 11s, starting with 1 Squat at one end, then 10 LBCs are the other end.

Next we ran into the depths of the park to everyone’s favorite place, The Bridge Over Absolutely Nothing. Once there, we split into 1s and 2s.

  • “Hey Franklin, call an exercise.” He said Merkins.
  • 1s – Bear Crawl across the bridge while 2s do Merkins. Then flapjack.
  • “Hey Franklin, call an exercise.” He said Jump Squats.
  • 1s – Crab Walk across bridge while 2s Jump Squat AMRAP. Then flapjack.
  • “Hey Franklin, call an exercise.” He said Dying Cockroach. YHC didn’t like it.
  • 1s – Lunge Wonk across the bridge while 2s do American Hammers AMRAP. Flapjack.

We had enough bridge fun for one morning, so we sauntered down to everyone’s second favorite spot, The Overlook That Overlooks Absolutely Nothing. Way to go, TOC. Grab some wall for:

11s – Dips and Dirkens. #crowdpleaser

Back into 1s and 2s – 1s boogie up the Stairway to Heaven while 2s do LBCs AMRAP. Once at the top, 1s holla down to 2s, and 2s run up the stairs while 1s do LBCs

With everyone at the top, YHC called a perfectly timed set of Alternating Left/Right Step Up. That was followed by a set of Irkens.

Next we jogged back to the Smurf Turf for some:


  • Protractor (around the circle, each PAX calls a degree between 1 and 90, then gives a 10 count)
  • Side Plank Crunches – x10 both sides, IC
  • Dying Cockroach x 20

Finally, head back out to the parking lot and Billy Run back to the flag.


  • Count-o-rama: 4 Respects, 1 hate, 9 mehs.
  • Nam-o-rama: Welcome, Jet Stream! Glad to have you post at DZ. Look forward to seeing you around Cary more often.
  • Announcements: 2nd F at Ma Bell’s April 16. Impromptu Happy Hour after work on Friday at Bond Bros (Burt is the Event Q)
  • Prayer Requests: Quiet group today, but health concerns have been copious lately, so prayers for peace and health all around.
  • YHC took us out


  • I love a good come-back story. Whether it’s a corny movie, or a dorky book, I just love it when someone does something bone-headed, but in the end they get a chance at redemption.
  • That’s what I offered today to my buddy, Franklin. He made the most of it by playing along, gaining at least a modicum of redemption for skipping out on his turn to Q at B.O.
  • Why did I do that? Because that’s what TeamDZ is all about. #TeamCaryUnited
  • TeamFOD is still pretty slack though. There’s always a weak link in the chain. Can’t win them all, I guess.
  • Burt made sure our guest felt right at home. Nothing makes a new Poster more comfortable than strings of profanities and unintelligible yelling all while close-running. Gotta love that guy #neverchange
  • I’m the kind of person that thrives when given constructive criticism. And more than that, I downright crave words of affirmation. So when Burt mentioned that he felt that I was providing a well-balanced and thorough beatdown, it gave me the confidence to be a better leader.
  • All that went down the drain when he started griping about Bear Crawls and Crab Walks being bad for folks with wrist and shoulder issues.
  • Lunge Wonk. That’s pretty funny.
  • The problem with posting a BB 3 days late is that you can’t remember the funny stuff that happened throughout the workout. You can blame my less-than-stellar NMS on my procrastination. And my unborn son. He made it difficult for me to get anything done this weekend.
  • This is a Public Service Announcement: Schlitz Bull is absolutely disgusting. Please avoid at all costs.
  • Hey! I did the Bull! Raise your hand if you did the Bull!
  • See you in the gloom