A record 23 PAX found their way to the Crucible this morning leaving your QIC questioning whether or not some of the PAX came to avoid Sisyphus and  Yo Yo. Or, were they sold on Costco’s selling skills? Or, were they just attracted by Wilson’s distaste of hills? Well for whatever reason they posted. Man Ram’s text, tweet, and voicemail strongly suggested we head off campus to the no name hills of Rangercrest Dr. So being easily influenced your QIC did exactly that.

The Thang-

SSH x 25

Plank Jack x 20

Mt. Climbers x 20

Windmills x 20

Indian Run to the base of Rangercrest.

Count 1 & 2’s. 1’s sprint hill and back 2’s do Freddie Mercury. Flip Flop.

1’s sprint hill and back. 2’s do Low Slow Flutter. Flip Flop.

Recover on the jog up Rangercrest and down. At the bottom, 1’s sprint up the other side of Rangercrest. 2’s Imperial Walkers. Flip Flop.

1’s sprint hill and back. 2’s American Hammers. Flip Flop.

Recover on the jog to Oak St. Bear Crawl up the hill to the 3rd mailbox. Recover and jog to the bottom of the next hill and Gorilla to the trash can. Recover on the jog back to William’s Park and circle up for a session of Pyramid Merkins . Strong work by all on the Pryamid even with Costco’s insistence mumble chatter of 1. 100 total.


Six inch leg hold x 5 all around the circle.

Thanks to everyone for posting. After your little tour of the Crucible today and seeing the possibilities, I am sure to see each one of you back. Maybe even Q.

Prayers for Ventura’s sister on her battle with Cancer

Grillz thanked everyone for their support.