Marky Mark attempted to fill Shooter’s shoes on Monday, taking the PAX through a beatdown on UNC’s campus.

The crisp Monday morning brought out a Fetzer record of 23 PAX, including two FNGs.  Welcome Spam and Backdraft.  And, yes, one nickname is a bit cooler than the other.

Warmup – SSHx20, a-circles f & b x10, Imperial walkerx15 , air squatsx10, merkinsx10, mtn climberx20

Jogged to Kenan Football Center …

Split group in half – Stairsx2 vs. max dips, then rotate.

Pullups x10 – overhand, then underhand

Parking Deck Pyramid:
running up 7 flights – sets at each level – increase reps + 2 on each flight

Double merkin burpees, prisoner squats, suicide planks (aka Makhtar’s)

Jogged back for Mary: LBC x20, WWII x10, Rocky Balboa x10, HomerMargex10, Russian Hammer x10.