The Real Dabo traveled in from Clempson for this Juggernaut Beatdown. Disclaimers provided: take care of park, modify if needed, NO MOSEY.  1 FNG; welcome Round Up!

Warmup 1: 12 SSH, 12 WM, SFAC   Run 1 lap in parking lot then to base field

Warmup 2: 12 SSH, 12 IW, 12 MC  12 birthday burpees for Old MacDonald

The Thang:

Split location- half of PAX to 1st location for exercises, back home for 6 DM burpees, then to 2nd location.  Other half does the reverse. 3 rounds

Location 1: 12 air squats, 12 MHs, 12 plankjacks

Location 2: 12 CDDs, 12 diamond merkins, 12 wide grip merkins

Partner up (between fences of baseball fields)- P1 BTW while P2 6 merkins, bear crawl to fence, 6 merkins then run back. Flapjack.  2nd round- P1 PC while P2 same except crab walk. 3rd round- P1 Plankjakcs P2 army crawl

Rock work:  12 rock squat press, 12 bent over row, rock curls during rock trivia-  2 rounds

1st round- trivia question missed by Mayhem- penalty 12 burpees all PAX

2nd round- trivia question answered correctly by Barney Fife- no burpees

Mary- 12 AH, 12 Futterkicks, 12 Fire Hydrants each side, Plank

COT- 12 themed workout; verse of the day Romans 12:12, announcements & prayers.   YHC prayed us out.