Shovel flag planted for the PAX of 17 on Oxford Road. It’s flag day so old glory must fly. A brief break in the heat was welcomed, so we got moving amidst the surroundings. As BRR is under 100 days sites are in search of hills to run on in preparation.

The Thang:

Warm up jog around Lourdes, circle up.

SSH x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10, Imperial Walkers x 10, Merkins x 10

Sprint to Anderson and back, partner up

Partner 1 runs Oxford to Anderson to Royster to Kittrell

Partner 2 runs Oxford to Overbrook to Kittrell

When partners meet, 10 Carolina Dry Docks & 10 Monkey Humpers and run on…..add 5 more to the count each time they cross. This runs for 30+ minutes, gather in the original lot.

AMRAP Freddy Mercury’s & Hand Release Merkins for 2-3 minutes


Naked Moleskin:

-Lots to see this morning, a few rabbits along the route and YHC noted two mice scurrying around a storm drain on Kittrell plus a mysterious small group in the parking area at Lourdes in a circle working out together. No collaboration occurred, maybe next time.

-T-claps to Pepe, Red Card and Soul Glo for running out front start to finish. YHC tried to run down Yippee Kay Yay toward the end, success denied. T-claps to Co-pay for running to the workout, nice to see him become a regular the past couple of months.

-Fava Bean texted YHC last night about working in a pre-run before the workout, great aspirations and great expectations yielded an “invisiblepost. Cue the popular sound bite of the tuba fading away…..

-Prayers for Blue Crush’s neighbor who’s son was attacked last weekend & for his family friend who was in a serious car accident. Positive long term outlooks but with difficult paths to recovery. Praises for Flatline’s post-surgery report, as good news that can be hoped for under the circumstances. Prayers for the community in Orlando and all others as we grapple with the depraved indifference that exists within way to many humans.

Always an honor to be with these good men in the gloom.