It was a great day in the gloom this morning!  YHC was back at his home turf, the sun was starting to rise, had a decent preplanned workout lined up, my boy Don Ho was making an appearance, and even #s let us do partnerkins!  Hopefully your Tuesday was similar!

I think Don Ho’s middle name is EC so he made me come out at 0515 for a couple miles.  During our trek we passed a car asking if the workout was “that way”.  We said yes and we’d be right there (a mile later we were.).  I wanted to show DH the park…so we jumped two fences up at the baseball complex, Franklin Q style.

After EC we met up with that car’s driver.  It was Landline from Charlotte!  In CNC they get after it at 0530 so at this point it was a little awkward for me with repping the home turf but being outnumbered in PAX count… Carpex 1  /  Isotope 2.

Here’s my squad.  Right on Carpex time ~ 0538 we started rollin’ deep with PAX.  Airbag came in on two wheels and was about 8 mins early.  (He also left on 2 wheels so I don’t think time was the issue.)

Carpex 16  /  Isotope 2, nice.  Let’s do this!


  • Run the parking lot
  • Quick feet
  • Sir Fazio
  • SSH
  • Merkins


Choose Your Own Adventure…
A)  “Stationary Rock”
B)  “Traveling Rock”

The Loop

  • Team A, leave your rock and run a lap around the big loop.
    – 10 Full Body Rocks
    – 20 Overhead Rock Squats
  • Team B, travel with your rock and run a lap around the big loop.
    – Baseball 1, ALRSU w/ rock should press X 20
    – Baseball 2, Overhead rock claps X 10

The Hill –  Run 7’s on the hill with a top and bottom exercise

  • Team A
    –  Derkins at the top
    –  Out and Up rock press at the bottom
  • Team B (sprint with rocks)
    –  Rock merkin at the top
    –  Rock Hillbilly at the bottom

The Field

  • Team A
    –  Duck walk / Bear Crawl / Sprint back
    –  Jump squat with rock press straight out AMRAP
    –  Indian Run the full field
    –  Quick feet with rock above head
  • Team B
    –  Quick feet with alternating shoulder presses AMRAP
    –  Duck ROCK / Bear Crawl / Spring Back  (Well done Hermes)
    –  Rock punches
    –  Indian Run with two rocks being passed up and down the line

Basketball Court
Return the Rocks and head the basketball court!

  • Partner 1 – Suicide
  • Partner 2 – 20 merkins / LMJJ AMRAP
  • (Flapjack)…great battle of Team DZ here to finish strong on the suicides!


  • I was tired so call your own dang mary….
    –  Banjo called Obliques
    –  Goose called #SignatureMove
    –  Don Ho called Flutterkicks X too many.


  • CD and Family
  • Banjo and Family
  • Calli and Family

Just a quick mention of what was weighing on my heart this AM.  The lyrics to Lauren Daigle’s song, “First” starts with “Before I lift my cares, I will lift my arms”  –  Basically saying when I come to pray I won’t lead with my wants and requests I will lead with my praise and give thanks.  It just stuck with me so I wanted to share and see if we could lift up some praises during our COT and possibly during future COTs.  We definitely had a few praiseworthy announcements come up and I hope they will continue!

YHC took us out, leading with praise to the Almighty  😉