VSF was planted at the OEC for the Rameses launch. Very thankful to the 3 FNG’s (Zack Morris, Stefan, Velveeta), the Raleigh faithful (Chong Li, Adolphus, Cinderella), and one heck of a War Daddy (Shooter) for starting things off on the right foot. We dialed up a beatdown.

The Thang:

Light jog to church lot

30 x SSH

30 x Imperial Walker

30 x Mountain Climber

Indian Run back to OEC

The fun part:

Bent Jacob’s Ladder- pair up for the BFH (the big hill at the OEC):

Ascending burpees at the top- one through ten

Ascending squats at the bottom- one through ten

Finish- partner carry up the BFH

Indian Run/Lunge Walk to church walk

Frog Jump across the planked PAX


15 x Makhtar N’Diaye

15 x Carolina Dry Dock

10 x Merkin

15 x Makhtar N’Diaye

15 x Carolina Dry Dock

Light jog + Sprint back to OEC

30 x LBC

20 x Rosalita

10 x Dolly

10 x Flutter



Great job by everyone who came out. The Bent Jacob’s Ladder was a beast, but everyone made it through and pushed into the run.  We’ve got a great space at the OEC and will tack on additional fun activities.

Please spread the word so we can continue to grow the Rameses PAX. The group was really strong this morning, so we’re looking forward to adding to it. As always, all are welcome.

Shout out for the Mule II coming up in Raleigh on October 5. Word is that it will be a more manageable, more friendly Goat-style morning.  Sounds like a great time.