Raleigh PAX,

Hope you all are well. F3 Raleigh is participating in Capital City Clauses, a toy drive to help those less fortunate. AND WE NEED YOUR HELP.

Please bring at least one toy to a workout in the next two weeks. Only requirements are that it be new and unwrapped. Here are some suggestions: http://jingleball.org/get-involved/toy-drives/suggested-toy-donations/.

You can give your toy to Maize, White Shoe, Ben Johnson, Wendell Gee, Madoff, Steroid, or Ron Burgundy. If none of us is there, please just bring it to the next workout. If we end up getting close to the deadline and you’re still hanging onto a gift, we’ll arrange a drop-off/pick-up. Email me with any questions.

Please bring your gift by Saturday, December 7th.

I know it goes without saying that, among other things, we’re all extremely blessed to be a part of F3. Let’s do a little bit to give back during the Christmas season.

Ron Burgundy