On the eve of another day of Detention, YHC realized that his paper from last week’s Detention still hadn’t been turned in. It’s late. Very late. So out of fear of being sent to the principles office, here is my report.

Arrive at school early. Scout AO. Organize locker. Sharpen pencils. Plan workout through school walkways. Jog a lap on track. Smoke a cigarette under the bleachers. Mosey back to launch point like everything’s cool man, and greet the 3 or 4 Pax milling about.

YHC: “Whaaazzzzzz’s uuuuuup?” Site Q: “Thanks for Q-ing. So you know, we don’t use the school property. We stay in the park, on the track, and baseball fields.” YHC: “Whatchutalkinaboutwillis?”

Damn school rules. YHC always had a problem with authority. No wonder I got my share of Detention. But that was a long time ago. I’m more respectful now. Right? The 8 PAX assembled to receive their punishment were about to find out. Single file line children. Indian run out of park, up Strickland and around to the back lot of the school. Oops, are we not suppose to be here? My bad. We won’t stay long.

Warm Up
10 Burpees OYO
Mtn Climbers x20
Plank Jacks x20
Good Mornings x10
Run through the school hallways, don’t get caught, we’re heading to the track. All good now. Time for gym class.

Line up in front of the bleachers. Rocky Balboa’s (aka Toe Taps or Fast Feet) IC breaking for sets of various Merkins, and exchanging Balboas for Dips every 3rd set or so. Merkins included Standard, Wide-Grip, Close-Grip, Diamonds, Dirkins, Irkins, Hand-Release, Carolina Dry Docks, Swiss and maybe one more. It was a lot. And it was so much fun. #smoked

Washing Machine (Dawn Patrol Classic)
Mosey over to the baseball field.
People’s Chair on the backstop.
10 Burpees OYO and sprint to the outfield fence, assume BTW
Dying Cockroaches x15
10 Burps OYO, and sprint to the backstop, PC
Prisoner Squats x20
5 Burps OYO, sprint to the outfield fence, BTW
Flutter Kicks x20
Dying Roaches x15
5 Burps OYO, sprint, PC.
P Squats x20
5 Burps OYO, sprint, BTW
WWIIs x25
Flutters x20
Roaches x15
5 Burps OYO, sprint, PC

Jog back to the parking lot, circle up
Hammers x25
Sprint lap around lot
LBCs x 25
Sprint lap
Rosalitas x10 / Left only x10 / Right only x10

Names, announcements and prayers.
CDC took us out. Well done, sir. Thank you.

– Great work by all the PAX today. Thanks for sticking with a slightly modified set, from someone who loves to have a plan. Sometimes the teacher calls pop-quiz and you just have to jump right in. There’s no getting out of it. Unless you skipped class that day. Which YHC may have done. Just not today.
– T-claps to Grady and the boys who are making this site a regular stop. Hopefully you can draw more of the UJ regulars out to this AO and keep it going. Pursue them to Q.
– Mr. Roger’s has the helm tomorrow. He’s not a rule follower either. Detention could get very interesting!!!
-Always an honor gents. Thanks for having me.