10 PAX rolled up to the Forge seeking a spot to lay a blanket and feed the ducks…no ducks!  A PAX from Winston traveled far to find the ducks to no avail.  we did find- Elmer Fudd

Jog the parking lot for a little warmth, circle up on the grassy knoll:    SSH x26, Imperial walkers x20, good morning x10, mountain climbers x 20

jog back to the parking lot- line up- sprint to the top 10 burpees OYO- jog back down plank until PAX finish. Repeato stop at top 20 prisoner squats jog back down plank. Sprint to top 10 burpees -jog down plank until all finish.

Partner up (size matters) partner carry thru the park-switch as needed carry to the steps at the lake;  quick feet, irkins, durkins x 20.

Ollie takes control- jog the path and zig zag up/down the serpentine steps and continue to the bridges- Bear crawl both ice laden bridges and plank hold until all finish- recover on the jog to picnic shelter for a session of alternating left/right step ups, irkins, durkins, dips- (Repeato).

Recover on jog back to the bridges crab walk bridge one- duck walk (theme going here) 2nd bridge continue jog for more serpentine step work to amphitheater; Box jumps x 12, Dips x 10, Box jumps x 10, Dips x 8.


Circle up exercises called out by the PAX:


Flutter kicks

WWII sit ups

box cutters

American Hammers


Homer to Marge

Shoulder taps

Side crunches

Michael Jacksons



Prayers to Hooch and his bride as they prepare for the move to Dallas  Also Hush Puppy for him to get well soon.  Ball of Man- Thanks to God

Great visit from Burlap #F3 Winston