YHC knew it would be a good morning at Wednesday’s original workout when I pulled up and saw Flops had Cujo sitting shotgun in the Yellow Stallion along Washington Street.  A total of 12 PAX stepped into the elements (no parking garages) on a brisk 21 degree morning at Fred F Fletcher Park.  There would be no signing Disney show tunes this morning (see Blitz BB) and precious little mumblechatter.  Proper disclaimer given, and we are off:

Washington Street loop run.  Along the way, stop for burpees, merkins, wide merkins, diamond merkins (x 10).

Tennis Courts for:

Warm up (SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 20, Windmill x 20)

Burpee suicides:  start at fence behind baseline.  Run to baseline and back, service line and back, net and back.  5 burpees.  Quick peoples chair.  Repeat x 5.

Ark Loader 100’s (or 150’s?):  Pick a partner and move to the fence at the end of the courts.  Partner 1 goes bear (first court), gorilla (second court to the fence), bear (from fence and back across second court), jog (first court).  Partner 2 does max rep, good form merkins.  Switch and continue until teams have done 100 combined merkins.  Repeat with crab-gorilla-crab and 150 squats, and lunge walk to fence sprint back and another 100 merkins.

Recover on the jog, across the lower field to the shelter.  First PAX goes dogleg left with 10 derkins at first wall, 10 irkins at second wall, up and around the Lamp lamp and back to the shelter.  PAX #2 does continuous sets of 20 dips, 5 pullups until Partner 1 returns.  Switch and repeat x 2.

Job over to base of Hamburger Hill.  Backwards jog up Hamburger Hill.  Commence Mary at the best spot to watch the sunrise in all of F3 Raleigh.  Circle up, with all PAX facing the sunrise.  While the sun starts to appear over the trees along the horizon, we did some LBCs, Freddies, cannonballs and flutters.


-great to have Cujo out for his first experience at Fletcher.  War Daddy crushed it.

-prayers for those struggling with health issues, as well as our military.

-cold morning, but it was beautiful out there.  My Boy Blue did a great job taking us out.

Always a pleasure to lead such a great group of men.