No Whammies.

8 hearty souls arrived in the gloom, ready for some Friday morning fun. We were excited to have our new co-site q’s Burt and Cee-Lo in attendance as they take the baton from CK.

On to the Thang.

19 x good mornings

18x side shuffle hops

17x knee lifts

The group began with an indian run around the lower field, upon finding the desired spot, Q announced “stop”, Press Your Luck Style.

Upon stop, the ladder began with 3 merkeins, on to more running, indian style and another “stop”, this time 3 merkeins followed by 4 burpees. More running, and you guessed it “stop”, this time with a serving of 5 mountain climbers that followed the merkeins and burpees. On we went jogging until another great spot to stop with the ladder heading up, this time with 5 Lbc’s…

Next stop was 6 mountain climbers, back up and stopped again with all of the ladder rungs plus 7 count plank, up again followed by 8 crossfits merkeins, up again followed by 9 squats and finally up again and running followed by a good bear crawl up the hill.

Onto the shelter we went

20x the DIP

16x Irkins (Erkles)

15x step ups

16x the DIP

12x Irkins(Erkles)

To the wall and lunges, followed by a sprint x 2

Up to Smurf Village for Mary.

Around the group we went with the ladder theme

6x lbc’s

6x lbc’s, 7 x Freddie Mercuries

6x lbc’s, 7 x Freddie Mercuries, 8 plank shuffles

6x lbc’s, 7 x Freddie Mercuries, 8 plank shuffles, 9 butt lifts

6 russian hammers

6 russian hammers, 7 leg extensions,

6 russian hammers, 7 leg extensions, 8 merkeins


Group message on gratitude and finding it in small things. Thoughts go out to Dufresne and his declining health, thanks to Coney for his kids upcoming graduation and Burt relayed to us that prayers worked for Mary and her improving health.

Burt led us out in prayer.