In our long goodbye as site Qs for true grit Bob Vila and Cinderella took the co-Q this morning pre-snow.

*Warm up: SSH 25x, Mountain Climber 25x, Standard Merkins 10x

Jog to the field: *Circle up-Hindu Merkins 21x, Merkin Jacks 11x, Standard Merkins 22x

Hold Pistol Squat L leg 5 count around the horn,*Prisoner Squats 30x, Hold Pistol squat R leg 5 count around the horn

*Hindu Merkins 23x, Shoulder Annihilators 12x, Standard Merkins 24x

*Mid-workout Merry: Protractors (somewhere near an eternity of these), Heels to Heaven 40x

*Hindu Merkins 23x, Merkin Jacks 12x, Standard Merkins 25x

Sprints: round 1- Burpees 1,2,3,3,2,1 (at the start line pay your burpees)

round 2- Star Jumps 2,4,6,6,4,2 (same as above)

*Circle up: Hindu Merkins 25x, Shoulder Annihilators 13x, Standard Merkins 26x

Indian Run across the dam to the chest high-wall.

*Balls to the Wall Series 1 (henceforth BTW)- ¬†Shuffle to the Left 5x, Shuffle to the right 5x, Nipplers 12x, People’s Chair 30x

Jog to the High Wall: *BTW 2- Shoulder taps 12x, Wall Sarkozy 30 count, wall Putin 30 count, Wall Merkins 11x

Partner Carry across the bridge, switch, come back, plank. Bear Crawl to the far end of the bridge.

Merry- LBC 50x

Moleskin – Williams Park Monday 545am beta test round 2 next week, Healing Place workout launching Saturdays soon…

T Claps to the PAX for Solid work: you completed 350+ reps of Merkin variations (most which were way worse than regular merkins).

An honor to have the Right Rev. Flo-rida pray us out.