Partner up and run down the greenway, then take a left on Blue loop heading down toward the Rings of Fire and the Dojo

Run loop around the Dojo and head up the path past the pond toward the amphitheater – stop at the base of the big grass hill on the left (about half-way between the pond and the amphitheater)

Partner 1 runs to top of the hill, does 12 diamond merkins, 18 sumo squats and 14 hand-release merkins and runs back down hill while Partner 2 does AMRAP WW II sit-ups – Flapjack

When Partner 2 finishes, both partners run to amphitheater stage and do 12 star jumps, 18 dry docks and 14 derkins

Partners then do LeBrons up the concrete benches at far end of amphitheater (end nearest the museum) and run back to the base of the grass hill

Repeat cycle until 6:08 – head to parking lot for Mary