It was an unseasonably warm morning in the Jungle, so attendance was high with 30 PAX finding their way to the JC Penny parking lot.  YHC had thought long and hard about this maiden Q effort, now the pressure was on.  No FNGs present, but disclaimer was given anyway and off we went with a short run to the parking lot next to Exxon.

SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 20
Good Morning x 20
Plank Jack x 20

At some point during the Imperial Walkers or Good Mornings, a white sedan approached the circle of PAX.  Despite intimidating looks from several of us, the lady driving the car was not to be deterred (not many driving options in the vacant parking lot) and proceeded to cruise through the middle of our warmup and park just outside the circle.  Mumble chatter ensued suggesting an exercise to move her car elsewhere, but we carried on with the pre-determined plan.

The Thang
Run to light at Six Forks. Squat Hold while waiting for light to change.

Run to grassy area at corner of Dartmouth and St. Albans. Count off odds and evens. Odds run length of grass, do exercises, and come back while evens do stationary exercises.  Flapjack.  Exercises were as follows:

Odd—Jump Lunges x 10 ; Even—Nippler
Odd—Jump Lunges x 10; Even—Carolina Dry Dock
Odd—Jump Lunges x 10; Even—Wide Grip Merkin
Odd—Jump Lunges x 10; Even—Spiderman Merkin

Run to parking deck near Chuy’s. Back into groups.  Odds Bear Crawl to top of ramp, do exercises, and run back down while Evens do stationary exercises. Flapjack.  Exercises were as follows:

Odd—Burpees x 5; Even—LBCs
Odd—Burpees x 5; Even—Freddy Mercury
Odd—Burpees x 5; Even—Box Cutter

Everyone find a wall in the deck for People’s Chair.  5 count around the PAX—with 30 in attendance this took a good while and legs were burning by the time Recover was called.

Run to CapTrust fountain and find a spot along one the walls.
Incline Merkin x 15
The Dip x 15
Decline Merkin x 10
Alternating left-right step up x 15
Repeat, but with decreased reps of 10, 10, 8, and 10.

Mosey back up Six Forks Road to crossing at North Hills entrance.  As part of the maiden Q preparations, YHC had tried to scout out all of our different locations.  However, the construction along Six Forks was not incorporated into the plan, leading to a less than ideal run down the right hand turn lane.  Luckily, no PAX seem to have been injured—our friend in the white sedan was thankfully gone. Squat Hold while waiting for light to change and then back to start for Mary.

Low-slow Flutter x 25
LBC x 30
American Hammer x 30
WWII Situp x 20

F3 Raleigh Christmas Party – Monday Dec. 22nd, 7PM-9/10. Tyler’s Taproom

Prayer Requests
A young lady (I think Cotton’s cousin) has had cancer that was previously in remission return.
Continued prayers for PAX in other F3 locations, including Chili Dog in Wilmington.

Maize took us out in style.

It was an honor for YHC to lead for the first time.  Urban Jungle is where it all began about five months ago, and it’s been a great ride thus far.  Looking forward to continued opportunities.