Here’s what you already know: HiFidelity has moved to Tuesday mornings, 5:45, Martin Middle School.

Here’s what you may not know: HiFidelity is not for self-proclaimed “runners” exclusively. F3 is inclusive by purpose, design, and practice, and HiFidelity is no exception. HiFidelity exists to increase the speed of all participating PAX, regardless of goal distance, past experience, or current ability.

Here’s what you do not know: How fast you could become and how that speed might change you.

Challenge yourself. Improve. Your success, your pain, your effort strengthens those around you. Iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another. It works with merkins, you’ve seen it, now let that law work in your favor on the track. The PAX is ready to build you up.

So Tuesday begins a new chapter at HiFidelity. We expect PAX from across the spectrum to try it out, to jump right in, to return. But if this is a new beginning, how can we truly know how far we travel, if we do not know where we began? How can we appreciate the gains we will undoubtedly make in the months ahead, if we are unaware of our starting place?

Therefore, we begin with a test. Know yourself. One mile on the track. Four laps. We will warm up and cool down appropriately, but the centerpiece of our first Tuesday downPAINment will be a 1600m time-trial. This is not about brotherly competition, bragging rights, or even a flimsy participation metal. This is so that each man knows where he stands and can set a course for where he wants to be.

Tuesday, 5:45, Martin Middle School. Know thyself.