After brainstorming what my first Q would look like for months but never volunteering, Dunphy finally voluntold me that I would be leading the PAX at Rameses.  After several days preparation and a somewhat sleepless night, I arrived and found that my Q was supposed to be NEXT Wednesday…Adolphus graciously gave up the honor, and 23 PAX set off to the upper parking lot in something vaguely resembling an Indian Run.

Warmup:  SSH, WM, WMH, GM, LSMerks, MC

Thang:  100yd bear crawl grassy field from upper lot to lower lot.  Run to hill, overhand and underhand pull-up/rows on handrail, quick tour of tennis/volleyball courts to reach Final Destination at bottom of big hill.  4, 5 gallon pickle buckets waiting for us, weighing ~45 lbs each.  Mumblechatter from Bushwood about Jack, Jill, and hills…  Odds on left, Evens on right, first 2 men carry 2 buckets each to top of hill, clean and press case of bottled water, carry buckets back down.  Meanwhile rest of PAX perform variety-pack of exercises as called by PH, SSH, burpees, MC, jump squats, Peter Parker, jump lunge, Parker Peter, merkens, LBCs, frog jumps, partner assist situps, air squats, plank-slide merkens, step back lunge, plankjacks, CDD, diamond merkens.  Odds finish first, so Evens volunteer to partner-carry Odds to top of hill.